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Da List

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Ok people. I no longer care if you swipe Da List. Really, I don't. Take anything KiTTiE related from this site, actualy. Just, please don't email or im me about it.


the count!

the count!

Da List

1) Snooch, you betta recognize
2) Um, can you not do that please?
3) Shave your fucking pits dude
4) Don't talk to Fallon for 15 minutes after she wakes up on da bus
5) Get up cunts
6) Michael Jackson is the root and cause of all the world's troubles
9) Nachos and cheese
10) When in doubt say Eric Clapton
11) Bruises Bruises
12) Shit yo
13) Deeaaa
14) Don't put your fuckin shoes (boots) in da asile
15) Oh Jesus
16) Jesus is my boyfriend
17) Take a shower Mick
18) Shut up Morgan, you're not sick
23) Big Mac, Whopper, onion rings
24) Please do not open doors that you're not authorized to go into or you might see Jim making out with some ugly chick
26) Nothingface makes the page
27) Lick my nuts
28) Don't walk your fucking...?
30) Don't you fucking touch my foot
37) No, it's not Claire Danes
38) Come to Henrietta
39) Shawn Patrick Mullins?
40) Make is bacon
41) Spit it out....blah, blah, blah, blah....
42) Do you love me? Do you think I'm a whore?
43) Don't eat eggs, it's chicken period
52)It's Elvis's fault
53) Sometimes Fallon chooses not to listen
54) We'll have none of that
55) It smells meatie
56) The Donkey Show
57) Ass juice
58) Smile 4 the camera Mr...?
63) Dive in meat
64) I fucked your ass, I licked your bum, I fucked your dad, I fucked your mom
65)I just got off da boat, where the hell am I?
66)I just got out of the trunk, where the hell am I?
69) Screw you hippie
70) Hooray for mental breakdowns
71)If you lived here you'd be home now
72)Time for a little game we call "in & out"
76) Mick I wanna run my fingers through your death metal/genital hair!